Spring 2020

Physics Labs for 114/115

  • 114 and 115 Physics labs start the 1st week of classes
  • The first lab period will be a short introduction talk.
  • NOTE: other science labs (such as biology and chemistry) may start differently
  • You must be registered in the lab to attend that lab
  • You will need the respective current Lab Manual
    Current version for 114 has a Yellow back cover
    Current version for 115 has a Blue back cover
  • You will also need a new “University Physics Laboratory Notebook”, yellow cover notebook

Physics Lab 104

  • 104 Physics labs start the second week of the term
  • You must be registered in the lab to attend that lab
  • The lab manual is fully online and can be found through your lab Moodle page

Physics lab changes

  • In general Physics labs are all full 
    (changing a lab section for convenience is best done after your first week of labs)
  • Be sure to come to your registered 1st lab period to avoid losing your space
  • There are no wait lists for the Physics labs

Cap Physics

Small department of Capilano University providing primarily first year university physics courses.

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